October 29, 2014

#NEW Audio: @RealThatKidJosh - Im Zonin'


That Kid Josh is a 22 year old hip hop artist out of New England. Being named Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Indie top 50 two years in a row and touching stages with artists such as Cormega. Bizarre, Edo G, Jaysaun, Undu Kati, Termanology and many others is just a start for this determined upcoming artist. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & many other sites of which he is very active on. Follow him and keep your ears open because That Kid Josh is on the rise!

October 25, 2014

J.Reu Hits Atlanta TOMORROW! #NoGimmicks

Get Lifted Entertainment is proud to support rapper J.Reu and his "No Gimmicks" tour. The North American "No Gimmicks Tour" will land in the artist current home city Atlanta, Ga. with his concert at Vinyl @ Centerstage and ends Dec. 20 in Miami. The venue for his concert in Miami will be announced at a later date.
Tickets for J.Reu can be purchased here: tickets.aftonshows.com/JReu . The show is expected to pack out. Check out the visual for "No Gimmicks" below.

Fxck Fame Music Group's jetsetter J.Reu releases the highly anticipated visual for his hot single "No Gimmicks." Revealing a day in the life, J.Reu lets fans inside an actual Miami business trip, showcasing a few moments leisure throughout. Known for pulling up in exotic toys like it's nothing, J.Reu states his position on artificial flav with entrepreneurial action.   

October 13, 2014

Redgator Noe - Gator Cypher (Response)

New Orleans east side rapper Red Gator drops a response cypher over CrackTracks audio for the 2014 NOLA Hip Hop Awards cyphers. Although guidelines play a part in the non participation of some, Red Gator dished his own version for entertainment. "All love," he assured, going on to detail his self confidence as a rapper, and cheer others in the crescent to do the same. 

October 11, 2014

Harn SOLO & Caliobzvr - The Experiment (EP)

Reaching Higher PR

West coast natives Harn SOLO and Caliobzvr combine progressive efforts on their new album, "The Experiment". The six-song EP reflects a strong musical bond that was forged while performing in New Orleans with producer extraordinaire Pro Prospek.

IX Daily magazine says, "Their collab EP is exactly what it is - an experiment. Different types of flow and lyrics are used; the beats are like something you've never heard of before - futuristic and progressive. There are motivational songs like "The Rap Race" and "Wasted Talent" as Solo and Caliobzvr encourage each other, as well as the listener, to be successful and pursue the artistic dreams one may have."

Solo & Cali's "The Experiment" builds on their creative momentum enlisting featured producers Crescent Kingz and Dreaux Beats. Their new school approach to making music is chemically balanced with the lyrical prowessness of emcees from the golden era of hip-hop. Sstream or share The Experiment on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

The Wah Wah Collective (@thewahmama) - Narita For Tokyo

London based group The Wah Wah Collective Blessed us with an amazing wave of beautiful energy in the urban/electronica submission "Narita For Tokyo." Coming to us from the artistically acclaimed debut album "Cry Baby Soul," Narita For Tokyo has an eclectic, really feel good energy about it; much like a listen of Mandalay, Morcheeba, or Cafe del Mar. Their sound to me is a pure liberation of art. In a time where almost everyone wants to label or shove things in a box, The Wah Wah Collective's powerful fusion of Electronica, Nujazz, Neosoul, Latin, and more reflect the beauty of creative freedom. "Cry Baby Soul as a play on words refers to the 'crying wah sound’ of the wah wah pedal. It represents the fender rhodes bass sound that is present throughout the album," says the label. Here's a bit more detail about The Wah Wah Collective from their label, I-innovate.

Narita is a Japanese word and describes producer Georgeyo experiences living in Japan in the 00’s. The song features vocalist Natasha Stark and is a part of an oriental theme found on the ‘Cry Baby Soul’ album. 

The diversity originates from band members working within different music genres. Band member 'The Elusive' once worked for rock band Iron Maiden, while other band member Mathieu Karsenti provided music to National TV shows. 
After playing this video back three times, I'm now sold on downloading the album, and I must agree "A Little Wah Wah Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody!" Grab the album on iTunes, Amazon UK, or Soul Brother vinyl today!
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October 10, 2014

Free An Innocent Man McKinley "MAC" Phipps, Jr.

Currently serving a 30-year sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Purchase your copy of "The Camouflaged Truth: The State of Louisiana v. McKinley Phipps, Jr." from MAC's PayPal here or donate to the cause here as well. 

Support a New Orleans hip hop legend by grabbing "The Lost Tapes" is also available on iTunes here


Mac (born McKinley J Phipps Jr., July 30, 1977) is a rapper from New Orleans’ third ward, and would grow to be the most critically acclaimed on Master P’s No Limit Records, both as a solo rapper and as a member of the 504 Boys rap group. He released his first album under the name Lil’ Mac in 1989 at the age of 12, the "Lyrical Midget," receiving production from the then unknown producer Mannie Fresh. Mac would later join the Psychoward, a New Orleans group consisting (at the time) of more than 25 MCs. Psychoward was known (especially in the city) for having a sound that separated itself from the usual Bounce music and gangster/hustler lyrics that typified most of the New Orleans rap scene, rather focusing on lyricism and a sound which could be described as a New Orleans Wu-Tang Clan. This made them favorites of local "hip hop heads" who often prefer this style to other local acts. In 1997 the group released their debut, "www.psychoward.com" which is considered a classic by many. The standout on this disc was Mac. During this time, Mac made numerous appearances on local artists’ albums - notably two verses on B.G.’s classic Chopper City- and he caught the attention of Master P, CEO of No Limit Records. Mac’s first No Limit appearance was on Kane & Abel’s debut, The 7 Sins. Mac’s own debut on No Limit came with Shell Shocked, an album considered by many to be one of No Limit’s best. Mac gained a reputation as one of the south’s (and arguably all of Hip-Hop’s) best lyricists. His lyrics display the somber realism and maturity that is a mainstay in much of Southern Rap as well as the lyrical dexterity of his East Coast counterparts. This album also followed the typical No Limit album formula: the deep, introspective tracks mixed in with up-tempo tracks, and a heavy presence of guest features from No Limit label mates.

Mac’s next album, World War III, came on the "downslope" of No Limit’s fame. It came after Beats By the Pound, No Limit’s in-house production team who are often credited with making No Limit the empire it was, left the label over purported money disputes, along with much of No Limit’s roster. This may have been a blessing in disguise though, as Mac’s lyrical skill was allowed to shine through on production more suited to his style. This album is also more introspective than his previous effort.

On September 21, 2001 Mac was convicted of Manslaughter charges for the death of Barron C. Victor Jr. Though Mac maintains his innocence, he is currently serving a 30 year prison term.

Popular New Orleans Rapper Shorty Releases New Single “Weekend”

New Orleans rapper Shorty collaborates with fellow hit-man T3, on his hot new single "Weekend." The duo blazed the charts previously with their hit “Tipsy” and the tone is already set for this new, high energy single to surpass that success. Since announcing official release date, Weekend is becoming one of the most requested songs in clubs, and on the radio. 
What Shorty brings to this KC Da Producer banger is sure to attract international mainstream buzz. It has a genuine feel good vibe that I think will own quite a few South Beach, Myrtle Beach, and of course NOLA nights. With over a decade in the game, the Uptown New Orleans native promises to deliver hits and longevity, for many years to come. 
“Weekend” will be available for download and purchase on iTunes on November 4, 2014. DJ's grab it on ViRDiKO now.

For booking, features, appearances, and hosting, contact Thomas Matthews via email at tmathews103@gmail.com. Full press release available here.

Follow Shorty on the following sites:

Official Website: shortyworld.com
Twitter: @Shorty_World
Instagram: @ShortyWorld1
Facebook: ShortyWorld

Image/Media Source: Arlene Heat Magazine

Luna Starz Management 1st Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

You're Cordially Invited to Precious Pink Memories Friday October 17, 2014 7 PM-10 PM
Ladies ​glamour up in your fav​ pink fashion, or just your favorite show stopping fashion, and go support this powerful cause! Luna Starz Management, in collaboration with Mogul Media LLC, and Tropical 128, are celebrating life, and new beginnings for breast cancer survivors. The night includes live musical performances, special celebrity guests, spoken word, and DJ Lion King spinning. Arrive early and enjoy an open bar wrist band, and tons of networking opportunities. Mark your calendars, and please spread the word about Precious Pink Memories.
This year more than 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer have been documented in the U.S. alone. Although the number survivors have been climbing since 1989, there are still very serious voids in the areas of treatment, and support that Precious Pink Memories would like to address. A popular tagline once rang in our homes, and still holds true that "knowing is half the battle." For women suffering from chronic conditions however, knowing can be the entire battle. From the most intimate of concerns like various symptoms, and where to turn for treatment, to support groups, and popular therapeutic methods, it is often challenging to find a guidance through these difficult times. With the success of their annual Precious Pink Memories Breast Cancer Awareness Event, Luna Starz will be that guidance for women in need. This festive evening will be the first of many, here to honor, love, and support women. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to American Cancer Society "Making Strides" walk. Luna Starz is dedicated to making all your pink memories precious! 

Where: Tropical 128 

128 Elizabeth Street

New York, NY 10013 

When: October 17, 2014 7 PM-10 PM 

Come one, come all! $20 Donation $50 Open Bar

Please Help The Family of 13 Year Old Kente Summers

13 Year Old Kente Summers dreams of going pro in the NFL were snatched away last Saturday when a U.S. Post Service Mack tractor-trailer crashed into a vehicle he was riding in. Kente's coach/step-dad, two younger brothers, and best friend were also in the car. According to FOX KC, the NFL hopeful was headed to a football game at Ruskin High School when the truck crashed into their car at about 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of 18th and Benton in Kansas City, Mo. No charges have been filed against the 59-year old driver of the postal truck. 
The tragic, and unfortunate task of burying young Kente is proving far more difficult financially than buying football uniforms or cleats. At only 13, with presumably his whole life ahead of him, Kente's family had no burial insurance. So while life goes on for the driver who according to witnesses was speeding, and failed to break, the lives of the Summers family have been violently toppled, and will never be the same. Please reach out to Fathers Advocacy Founder Byron Cole for details on where to donate to the family. Mr. Cole can be reached at (504) 617-3080 or at the Fathers Advocacy page on Facebook. 

October 9, 2014

October 8, 2014

Ether Israel - ''Patterns & Passion '' Ft. Ka$h Akbar (Prod. El Emet Bey)

Ether Israel teams up with Ka$h Akbar on this El Emet Bey produced track. You can hear the pain and wisdom in their voices. Meanwhile the composition offers welcomed hope that the youth have awakened from the toxic slumber and curses of the killer crescent.