August 14, 2014

Sess 4-5 (@SESS45) - "Pop Me Off" Ft. B Streezy (@BStreezy)

Sess 4-5's molten hot single "Pop Me Off" featuring B Streezy is erupting on screens worldwide! Experiencing a high volume of audio support, and fan requests, Nuthin But Fire Records threw a massive party and let the cameras roll to give you guys this video. Grab the latest down south banger on iTunes here and "See Wut Dat Do." 

G.S (@ThaOfficial_GS) - "Singing Out" Directed by @sherm_N_Demand

Chicago R&B sensation Gs delivers a heart felt cry out for help as the city of Chicago's violence grows more intense. As officials send in state troopers to combat the violence, I think it takes something like this young mans plea being broadcast to be effective. Gs is pleading in song, and you can feel the pain in every note. I urge you as did this young artist/activist to please put the guns down. This composition is so compelling I find it difficult to be brief speaking on it. The issue is so very important. Many of the kids turning to violence are good kids as well, just lost in it all. The government and media are classifying their homes as war zone, i.e. "Chi-raq" is just absurd. I find that so unfair on so many levels. I challenge the U.S. to help them just as they run to foreign countries and help. Give them the same quality aide instead of just targeting a demographic for arrest. 

"This isn't Chi-raq. This is home. This is us."
Chicago Tribune published an article last month by Bradwell School of Excellence fifth-graders defending their South Shore neighborhood. The students collaborated as a as a counter-narrative to the negative publicity their neighborhood receives as a result of gun violence. Here's is the work of Demarion, Makyla, Lamaur, Dai'sean, JahLisa, Rondayle, DaShun, Clifford, Angel, Ashford, Keziah, Jakobe, Richard, Ariana, Jahmia, Kiara, Raquel, Adora, Nathaniel, Deamia, Maleek, Tania, Damiontaye, Samaira, Carlos, Deajiah, Ramijee and Jamariah.

This is us.

We saw your news trucks and cameras here recently and we read the articles, "Six shot in South Shore laundromat" and "Another mass shooting in Terror Town." We saw the reporters with fancy suits in front of our laundromat. You spent less than 24 hours here, but you don't really know us.

Those who don't know us think this is a poor neighborhood, with abandoned buildings everywhere, with wood covering the windows and broken doors. Those who don't know us see the police on the corner and think that we're all about violence and drugs. They see the candy wrappers and empty juice bottles and think that we don't care. Uneducated, jobless and thieves. You will be scared of these heartless people. When you see us coming, you might hurry and get in your car and lock the doors. Then speed through these streets at 60 mph like you're on the highway, trying to get out of this ghetto.

We want you to know us. We aren't afraid. We know that man on the corner. He works at the store and gives us free Lemonheads. Those girls jumping rope are Precious, Aniya and Nivia. The people in the suits are people not going to funerals, but to church. That little, creepy dog is Saianis, Lamaur's dog. We are the kids who find crates so we can shoot hoops. When the sun shines here, it's not God saying he wants to burn us; he sees us all with bright futures. Those who know us look at the ones who want to go to college, not the ones who dropped out of school. If you listen, you'll hear the laughter and the chattering from the group of girls on the corner who are best friends and really care about each other. Do you see the smile on the cashier's face when the kids walk in? Why? Because this neighborhood is filled with love. This isn't Chi-raq. This is home. This is us.

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Brooklyn loves MJ Celebration August 24th 12 Noon to 6PM at Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza

Brooklyn loves MJ Celebration is back Sunday, August 24th 12 Noon to 6PM at Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza - Fulton St. & New York Ave. DJ Spinna will spin the music of Michael Jackson.

Image/Information Source: Spike Lee

August 9, 2014

Rick Ross Music Group Feed the Homeless Challenge

A call to action by Rick Ross himself! Kill the senseless activities and do something real. You can start with the acknowledgement that the real Rick Ross is not a rapper, and subscribe to his music group here. He's helping indie artist find their way through all the bureaucracy and red tape. 


As an entry to BET's Hot 16, CRSIDE artist Dorothy releases a brief but powerful testament to the blue on black violence going on in Amerikkka. For a minute and 48 seconds, "I Can't Breathe" completely draws in listeners with a unique sound. Aside from the controversial issue the song addresses, it holds your attention most to me because of originality. The tragic death of beloved father Eric Garner has caused an out poor of genuine community activism. Read more on the story here. Grab Dorothy's latest single on iTunes here

August 8, 2014

ToshaMakia's (@TOSHAMAKIA) Lingerie Shoot

ToshaMakia is making massive power moves behind the scenes fueling organic growth, and sincere motivation in some of the most powerful female executive circles in entertainment. In this video she takes you inside her lingerie shoot with Photographer Tia Rogue. Whether modeling, hosting the hottest events, or on the radio, notice is earned here. Respectable hustle and strategic flow show this modeling mogul is much more than a pretty face. To follow just click her links below. 

Photographer @TiaRogue 
Makeup/Hair @DNaeja 
Video @DNaeja

Twitter: @ToshaMakia
Instagram: @ToshaMakia

Audio Featured: D Lux (@DLuxMusic) "Bomb Bomb" Featuring Ace Hood from "No Filters Chapter 1" Hosted By DJ Khaled

Jennifair (@iamjennifair) - "Lauryn Hill" (prod. by Josh Lamont)

Jennifair delivers an insane lyrical composition over a Josh Lamont production, mixed by Drum Mage! called Lauryn Hill. Franchise Liaison provides a powerful assist on the hook that really drives it home for this track. Introducing New York/Chicago Hip Hop to the world with the talent to match her passion, Jennifair is rapidly becoming a force in markets nationwide. Check it our and share below.

July 31, 2014

July 18, 2014

New Mixtape: Ka$h Akbar (@KashAkbar) - Good Intentions

Kash Akbar and 100K Present, his debut album, "Good Intentions" produced by Jam-All Productions. The 11 track album features a powerful assist by the soulful young songstress Miss Toi Whitney. Kash Akbar is a young entrepreneur/artist from the Greater New Orleans area, now making footprints around the globe with his music and new clothing brand, 100K. In a city where being ignorant is deemed cool, Kash takes his generation on a play by play journey of what being positive, and striving for the very best can achieve. The careful construction and time put into the project shows that the origin of hip hop runs deep with this artist. Old heads are gonna vibe to this too! Follow Kash Akbar on social media networks @KashAbar for events and media updates.

Track list
1. Feel Me (Intro) 02:19

2. Lately 03:46

3. A Working Woman 04:46

4. The Statement ft Toi Whitney 03:15

5. The Bottom 05:02

6. No Days Off 02:56

7. Get Mine Ft Toi Whitney 04:04

8. God's Gift 03:46

9. tomorrow 03:22

10. The Price Of Fame Ft Toi Whitney 03:54

11. Never Change Ft Toi Whitney 04:03

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Sonny Digital Ft Makonnen (@iLoveMakonnen5D) "I Dont Sell Molly" [Prod By Sonny Digital]

Sonny Digital and Atalnta artist Makonnen team up for the new iLove Makonnen EP. "I Dont Sell Molly" is the first track I've heard so far from the project. This beat kind of goes; but I'm not too into the lyrics being an old head and all. What do you guys think?

July 11, 2014

Video: LeBron James Going Back to Cleveland

LeBron James pens an article via Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkis saying, "My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball" explaining his reasons for returning to his home town. The 29 year old forward details Miami as a sort of training ground, and has no regrets about his decision to play there. Grateful to the HEAT organization for molding an overall better person, and player, LeBron goes on to discuss his goals in leadership:

"I think I can help Kyrie Irving become one of the best point guards in our league. I think I can help elevate Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters. And I can’t wait to reunite with Anderson Varejao, one of my favorite teammates."

According to the article, there will be no press conference or celebratory coverage. "King James" as fans affectionately refer to the player, is ready to get right down to business. HEAT owner Micky Arison expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

I am shocked & disappointed in today's news. However I will never forget what Lebron brought us for 4 years. Thanks for memories @KingJames

— Micky Arison (@MickyArison)
July 11, 2014

July 7, 2014

[New Mixtape] Mailman (@MAILMANBOOMIN) - "Creative Will" Hosted By DJ @ReddSlick

Mailman teams up with DJ Redd Slick to bring us another Gutta Connection entitled "Creative Will." The project knocks on mainstreams door while remaining true to underground New Orleans Sound. If you're a fan of UGK or Juvenile, you will love Mailman's gutta, edgy sound. Listen and download below, and check out his visual for the Trophies freestyle. 

Audio: @Inkrediflow - 40s With The Homies Ft. Essence (Prod. By MKSB)

J-INK Management Presents: 

New sounds from one of NOLA's hip hop creatives. With smooth and upbeat melodic tones, Inkrediflow and Essence lay wild decent verbiage on this MKSB production.

Peep this controversial visual from the "No Exceptions" mixtape.